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RYJ is back and I’m raising the bar!

This fall, I’m getting you off the scale & into those jeans again. But this time,
I’m raising the bar by adding a competitive twist and some serious cash prizes.

Please join me in a fitness challenge where you will feel welcomed and empowered.

I want you to become a part of the ”Holy Sh*t! My jeans actually zipped right up!” club like my previous 100 RYJ participants have done. In 6 weeks, I will transform your mind and your body will follow. Trust me. Better yet, trust them!  Experience the power of this program by watching this video. This year’s program will not only have the goal of fitting into a pair of jeans, but it will also be to focus on replacing fat and building muscle.

The person who has the most percent change in body fat at the end of the six week challenge will win $1,000 (or more!) in cash!

Check it out (and tell your bestie to join you!)
25 participants join = $1,000 1st place prize
30 participants join = $1,000 1st place prize plus $500 2nd place prize
40 participants join = $1,000 1st place plus $700 2nd place plus $300 3rd place


Not interested in the competition aspect? That’s OK! You are still in the right place and you can still Rock Your jeans with us!

Join me as I transform your mind, body and soul one workout at a time.

Special Program Events: 

Pre-Program Kickoff Event | Saturday, September 10th, 10am – 12pm in Mendota Heights, MN. Body fat measurements taken, jean try on and photo, receive your training packet, and meet your challengers.
Post Program Party | Friday, October 21ST 7pm – 10pm at Primp Boutique in St. Paul, MN. Final body fat measurement taken, winner(s) will be announced, shopping, hair, make-up, post program photoshoot rocking your jeans, drinks and food.

Come find your why…

New clients, hit the “commit now” button below and let’s do this.
Current clients, connect with me to get on the list.
Amount to pay now: $499
Amount to pay now: $249.5

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