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I’ll work along side you in any setting to set and smash your fitness goals.

Personal Training

Virtual Training

Group Classes

One-on-One Personal Training

The Accountability You’ve Been Looking For

No matter how many times a week we meet, you will never have the same workout twice. That style of training will create muscle confusion (to ensure you don’t hit a plateau) and helps keep you engaged and coming back for more.

Virtual Training Program

Built for the Self Motivator

Ask yourself this: “Are you self motivated and ready to get yourself to the gym, but you have no idea what the hell to do once you’re there?”

If the answer is, “yes,” Then I’m your girl. Let me explain a bit more about what my style of virtual training looks like.

You will be able to enjoy the accountability of a personal trainer in your own home, or gym, Wherever you are in the world. we can work together virtually to meet your fitness goals. These goals are met through the resources your virtual training package will include. You will receive:

• a custom 4 week workout calendar
• a weekly 15 minute check-in chat with myself
• all of my tips/ tricks / recipes that i swear by (you name it, I’m yours!)
• monthly measurements and fitness assessments
• discounts on other services and programs

The beauty of my style of training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with a twist of heavy strength training and low intensity cardio, is one you can do anywhere. No equipment necessary.

The key to fitness is it has to work for you, or it won’t work at all. Because of that, I work with you, I listen to you, I accommodate you to make this program fit your lifestyle.

Group Training

Grab Your Squad

Get your friends together for my small group training classes. These classes of 4-6 people will run similar to my 1:1 style of training. The only difference being you’ve got the motivation and energy of your crew standing by and working along side you.

Ready? Set…

No matter what stage of the game you’re in (weight-loss, maintenance, or building muscle) or how big or little your goals are, I am armed with the tools and guidance you need to meet your goals.

Contact Me

1025 Selby Avenue
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102
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