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Virtual Training Client Check-in

By October 8, 2020Uncategorized

A chat with my client, Shannan

Shannan and I have known each other for years through our mutual dear friend, Ashley. Shannan and I keep in touch via social media and she’s always jumping into my inbox when I post a program that I’m launching saying, “Ah! I wish I could join!” or “I wish I lived up there, I want to do this!”

She’s been eager to be a client for years and thanks to Virtual Training, it’s her time. Shannan is in the right place in her life to give some time back to herself with a little selfcare. OK, if selfcare means that after her full-time job, parenting two little girls and once their heads [finally] hit the pillow, she heads down to her basement to give herself some time…then yeah, “she’s got some time to give back to herself.” #motherhood

I’m so proud of her success. She is diligent and determined in her workouts; the perfect client for Virtual Training, really. She is ready and willing to workout and as long as she’s given a set plan and some accountability, her results were not far behind.

Shannan has seen a lot of results and is reaching her goals in her few short months as a client of mine. Let’s check in with her and see how she does it and why Virtual Training is working for her. Take it away, Shan!

 Why did you choose Virtual Training?

I wanted to take some time for myself, a little self care, but with working full time and having a 10 month old and a 4 year old at home – getting to the gym was nearly impossible! I’ve wanted to work with one on one with Molly for a long time, after trying a couple of her short fitness groups over the years.

How do you Virtual Train?

I do most of my workouts in my basement at night after my girls are in bed, sometimes I get outside for the cardio nights if the weather’s nice

What equipment do you use?

My elliptical, dumbbells, kettlebell, a folding chair, a resistance band, and my own body weight.

What makes Virtual Training work for you? 

I love the variety, the pre-set calendar and the break down of the workouts. I like how it’s customized to my wants/needs/goals and that it’s challenging, but totally do-able at any fitness level.

The videos Molly sends with demonstrations of how to the moves help so much! Also, I love that I get a full body workout and it only takes 30 minutes!!!

How have you done during your time as client? Any Successes? 

Yes! I am about 9 pounds down since I started in August! I am wearing my pre-baby jeans again! I have completely given up pop (this is HUGE!) and am making better choices all around with my food and lifestyle. *Trainer’s note: I’m SO PROUD OF YOU! The little changes add up in a big way, but can often times be the hardest to do! *OK, bye!

How do you stay motivated? 

The check-ins with Molly help a lot! Being able to ask questions and get suggestions/alternatives when needed is big. I have a few specific goals in mind and to be working towards them and have the support at my finger tips is super convenient. It’s nice to get a real life answer to my questions rather then a generic answer on Google. She offers more advice than just workouts – has truly been a FANTASTIC resource for all things in workout, nutrition, mommin’, self care and a living healthy lifestyle! Oh! And I can’t forget to add in that I have the BEST support system of friends and family that check in with me DAILY as well!!!

Thank you, Shannan! I adore you and am thrilled that you’re finally a part of the MDF Crew! 

If you’re interested in starting your Virtual Training Program, let’s connect!


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