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10 Ways to Sneak in Some Wellness Today.

By April 28, 2020Uncategorized

Sneaking in healthy habits.

Structuring in quarantine.

Regaining some focus.

Let’s break it down.

You guys, I get it, time are so tough. They’re tough on us mentally, physically and emotionally right now. Having a rough patch in even one of these areas is hard, let alone all three at.the.same.time.

Some days I can’t believe this has been and is our reality. Other days, I love the slow down and have energy to make the most out of the day. I can’t be alone in this, right?

I have found that getting back into some healthier habits and structure has really changed my moods and make my days feel way more productive.

63% of you said on my Instagram Poll that your nutrition is basically on the back burner right now. I promised I would help and not leave you hanging – I’ve got you!

Let’s break down my 10 one-small-child-one-toddler-one-newborn-fool-proof-ways-to-sneak-in-health-habits

1. A salad a day.

….Keeps the crazy away!? This doesn’t have to be fancy, folks. Grab yourself some salad kits from Target (my favorite) and add it to one meal each day. I even have it with our Friday night Frozen Pizza nights to get some greens in.

2. Liquid IV

A girlfriend of mine, who knows my love for water is lacking, sent me this tip and it’s been a major lifesaver. Add a pack of this to your water and you will increase the benefits of one glass by 4. I mean, it’s a no brainer. Pick it up at Costco or

3. Handful of Berries

A quick wash and a grab is all I need to get some antioxidants added to my morning. Our kids eat a pint of blueberries a day and raspberries in one setting, so each grocery store run I usually buy four of each. Because they eat berries for sure during breakfast, I always make sure I grab myself a handful or two to check this off the list for the day.

4. Snack Plate

Have one meal, I like it to be lunch, be a snack plate. It’s an easy and fun way for both you and your family to hit all those food groups (remember, a meal is three or more food groups and a snack is two) in one sitting.

Put the kid’s foods in muffin tins and they’ll go nuts. Spice yours up and make a little charcuterie board full of fats (nuts, cheese, and olives), carbs (raw vegetables and dried fruit and crackers), and protein (salami, beef sticks, rolled up turkey).

Cooked by Kristina is my go-to gal for beautiful boards for my parties and events.

5. Walk

Now, I’ll be honest, walking is not my jam, really. I like something more intense, but I have found walks to be really important during quarantine. Mainly because it’s something I can do newly postpartum, it’s something we can do as a family (we try to go nightly when George gets home from work), it’s something I can do alone with all three (If I say a prayer to survive it first!) and it really grounds me. I’ve found beauty in walks as of late.

It’s a low impact workout that can really pack a punch. You can add ankle weights (I’m purchasing these) to really jazz it up, Jane Fonda style. Or, you can push 70 pounds of children and carry another 10 and you’ll be I will lend out my three anytime you need some resistance!

6. Vitals Protein

If you’re been around here for a while, you know this old trick of mine. I spice up my hot coffee with a scoop or two of this daily. Collagen is amazing for your skin, nails and hair. It’s an easy way to pack in some added nutrients into what you’re already doing everyday.

7. Beverages

Remember, you don’t only have to drink water to achieve hydration. For me to get more liquids in each day, I grab Gatorade, sparkling waters, make juice spritzers with 100% fruit juice and sparkling water, Caffeine free soda if you want a little treat and I even add bubbles to my cocktails to sneak some water in there, too. My favorites are: Margaritas with Italian Soda, White or Red Wine with a splash of flavored soda water, or a Bloody Mary with only tomato juice and vodka. Cheers!

8. Order in Which is was Received

OK the order in which you eat your food during a meal or a snack can really help get the goods in first. Here’s an example: If we are eating pizza for dinner, I’ll do the following; Eat my big salad first, then my pizza second. I mean, it’s pretty complex you see (Not!). Just fill up on the “goods” first and enjoy the “others” after. You’ll feel more satisfied and fuller finding that you don’t need as much of the pizza. I will never say no to foods I love, so finding ways to eat them along side something a little healthier is always the goal.

9. Focus on the Snacks

If you can find snacks (2 food groups together) that keep you fuller longer and that can really pack a nutrient dense punch, that will make your entire day feel accomplished. You’ll know you’re aiding in your overall health by grabbing whole foods, nuts, or healthy fats and carbohydrates and they’ll keep you fuller longer so you’re not constantly grazing. Some favorites around here right now are apples + peanut butter, cheese + crackers, Babybell cheese + beef sticks, sunflower seeds + cottage cheese, apples + cheese, pickle rollups, mini cracker sandwiches.

10. Intermittent Fasting

Or as I like to call it, Intermittent Feasting! Because you’re choosing an 8 hour window of time in your day to eat your meals. You’re not depriving yourself of calories or food, you’re simply eating them within a shortened window of time. This allows your body to rest during your fasting 12, 14, 16, 18 hours or however long you decide to fast for and it creates efficiency in your metabolism for when you do eat. Your body is ready to work and use all of the nutrients up for the benefit of you and your health.

Thanks for stopping by and hang in there!


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