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By January 31, 2020Uncategorized

One of my favorite bloggers, Becky of Cella Jane, always has THE cutest style, but it always comes with a not so cute price tag. I often go on the hunt for a dupe to match her looks. You voted on my latest IG poll that these two looks were you favorites for me to find dupes on, so I got to work and saved you a casual $163 – on the first outfit alone! I also added in some sunnies so you get the full effect!

Becky’s Outfit:

Lulu Align Pants $98 / Lulu Pullover $128 /

Dupe Outfit:

90 Degree Yoga Pants $27 / RBX Pullover $35 / Sunnies $14.99

This adorable workout outfit came from Athleta and came in second most popular on my poll. The dupe I created for you was only $141 cheaper for an oh so similar look!

Athleta Outfit:

Crop Top $49 / Bra $49 / Leggings $98


ColorfulKoala Leggings $25 / Champion Sports Bra $15.99 / Crop Top $14.99 


There you go! More money in your pocket to invest in…training? Classes? Gym membership?

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