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There are two weeks left until the magic of Christmas is here! It’s not all about the gifts, of course, but it is always nice to give gifts to those you love and to receive things you’ve been holding off buying for yourself. So, take a deep breath, there is still time to get your shopping in (Thank you, Amazon!).

Whether you’re on the hunt for your bestie, your sister, or adding to your list, this is a good place to get started. I have these items on my wish list, in my cart or recently purchased and am loving.

Another gift you will never regret getting or giving is the gift of health and fitness. You can see my gift guide for the Fitness Fan here, or ask for my 2020 Turn Around Program as a gift – it’s going to be good!

1/ Snake Skin Key Chain. It’s cute, it’s functional, it’s inexpensive and it’s a lifesaver.

2/ Stasher Bags. I’m on a mission to decrease single use plastic from our lives in 2020 and these are must haves for snacks, lunches, and storing food.

3/ Ice Roller. Great for eye and face puffiness after too much salt or alcohol and perfect for ice massaging sore muscles, too.

4/ Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.  Probably one of my all time favorite skin care products I’ve ever purchased. It is a miracle worker on my acne prone skin. It dries out zits so fast and decreases redness quickly.

5/ Teleties. My sister-in-law sent me this suggestion. She loves these and says they work way better than the ones she’s found at Target for holding your hair in tight. I love these because they don’t leave a dent if you want to take your hair down for the day after having it up. I always have my hair up due to work and am usually stuck with that for the week, but ties like this save me and don’t damage my hair when I put it up wet at night.

6/ Instant Pot.  This has really saved me from many of those “Oh SHIT! I forgot to put the roast in this morning!” moments. I love this product. It took me a minute to get behind it, but it really has changed the game in the kitchen and I use it about once a week.

7/ Pom Pom Throw.  This is a Pottery Barn dupe and I’m here for it. Tis the season for comfort and cozy vibes.

8/ Bralette. These are perfect under a tank top, sweater or t-shirt. They add just a touch of glam and sexiness to any old outfit. I’m here for it…after these pregnant boobs of mine chill out, I’ll be getting a few.

9/ Joe Malone Perfume. Yum. That’s all.

10/ Fig Tree. I’ve been really into pops of green throughout my house lately. We move into our new house in one week and I will for sure be sprinkling greenery into the new house wherever I can. It just gives the home a fresh feel.

11/ Revlon One Step Hair Dryer Brush.  Some of my friends have this and live for it. I am all for reducing time it takes to get ready (which, lets be honest, doesn’t happen very often in general). Which will be much needed once this little babe of mine arrives.

12/ Pajamas. Not sure if it’s because I’m getting older or because I’m pregnant and literally nothing feels comfortable except pajamas, but I’m really into getting some pajama sets and getting out of my old grungy t-shirts and sweats for sleeping.

13/ Silk Pillowcase. These keep your hair silky smooth and apparently decreases fine lines and wrinkles in your face. True? Who knows, but I’m all about a cold pillow case and silk is just glamorous, so I’ll take it.

14/ Sorel Sneaker Boot. Is it a boot? Is it a shoe? Who the hell knows, but for some reason I am so drawn to these and they’re #1 on my want list. I’m looking for something unique, functional for winter, sporty, but not a huge snow boot and I think these fit the bill. My friend said, “It’s a jacket on your foot!”  Perfect!

Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping,


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