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Personal Training Membership Info

By September 13, 2019Uncategorized

How it Works.

Here is all the nitty gritty details you need to know as you get settled in as my client.

  1.   Each training session will take place at Statera Fitness located at 1025 Selby Avenue, St. Paul. Please park in the back off Oxford. You will enter in the basement door. I will be waiting for you or the door will be propped open. The gym does have lockers, showers and towels available for your use. You do NOT need to be a member of the gym to train with me.I train using a superior style of training, called semi-private group training sessions. Semi-Private training is a maximum of 4 clients per session. Say What!? You don’t want to do a class; you want a personal training! And that’s exactly what you’re getting! Every person in your session will be doing their own training program that’s CUSTOM to them. Weights, reps and exercises will be determined by me as your trainer at each session. I’m there, training, spotting and coaching each of you through your workout. What I may not be doing is counting every single rep and watching you grab a drink of water. As a group, we will warm up together and recover together, but your workout will be done on your own with my guidance. Now, some days, it’ll just be you and some days you’ll have someone to say hi to and warm up next to. But every day, you’ll still get a results driven workout. And Speaking of workouts…
  1. My Training Style: I create your program with 12 months on my mind. Creating a healthier stronger body needs to be a lifestyle, not a phase or a short quick fix. This commitment to yourself is the key to your success. Because of that, I create 3 month long big picture programs for my clients. Once those 3 months are completed on that specific program, we move into a new 3-month program and continue the cycle. What this style of training means for you, is that it will allow us to track your progress together and allow you to perfect exercises all while getting the perfect balance of variety and consistency your body needs to make changes.This will improve your results by allowing me to be more detailed oriented through my training and tracking of your program. The sessions will be 45 minutes long.

  1. Scheduling: Most clients choose their sessions days and times during the week to attend and stick to them week after week. I understand that life happens, so there is absolutely room for flexibility here. It is your responsibility to get in your 8 or 12 sessions per month, once the month is over, whatever sessions aren’t used, you will lose. I train Monday – Thursday and have plenty of session times available for make-ups or adjustments.
  1. Freezing your Membership:
    Medical Freezes can be taken up to 3 months, with the note of a doctor. However, the number of months you used for your freeze will get added to the end of your contract.
    One, 30 day freeze, can be taken a 6 month contract.
    Two, 30 day freezes can be taken in a 12 month contract.
    The number of months used to freeze your membership will be added to the end of your contract. This secures your commitment to achieving your goals with me.
  1. Commitment:
    I offer 6 and 12 month membership options. This is a commitment you are not only making to me, but more importantly to yourself. Use this commitment as motivator. Life gets hard and can change quickly and on a whim. Both financially, mentally and physically. I understand this. But this isn’t a quick fix kind of deal you’re making…this is a lifestyle change you can’t live without. So, by becoming a client of mine, you are on my mind and in my heart from here on out. We are in this together and it is my job as your coach to keep you commitment and focused to get the results you long for.

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