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4 Tips for Creating a Balanced Fitness Routine

By November 20, 2019Uncategorized

4 Tips for Creating a Balanced Fitness Routing

1. Find something you truly enjoy doing | Shocker, right? But I mean it. This is the number one way to create a fitness routine that you can not only stick to, but one you can thrive in. I always tell my clients, “It won’t work, if you don’t work.” So, what will make you work? What will keep you coming back? What is worth your precious time and money? Here are some good ways to go about finding that special something:

  1. OK, you’re ready to find “The ONE” workout style that’s for you! Up next, pick a month to dedicate to fitness. Go find Free Weeks at local gyms or studios and try your free week at 4 different places – all in one month.
  2. Keep the free weeks back-to-back. This will give you a great idea of what you like and don’t like from place to place over trying something one month, forgetting about it, and trying something another random day. It’s hard to compare when there’s too much time between workouts. Do your research and take advantage of those free weeks, nearly every studio or gym has one.
  3. By the end of the month, you should have an idea of what you loved and wanted more of and what you were over after the first workout. Don’t wait on it, go for it, jump in and invest in yourself.

2. Remember, you don’t need to train 7 days a week to see success | In fact, if you want balance, you simply need to find the right workout to transform your body. The right workout is more important over how many days you train. We’re busy, we need things to be effective and sustainable. No time for wasted energy, money and time or to risk over use injuries – we’ve got shit to do! The right form of training can bring change to your body in 4 workouts per week. Anything else you’re doing for fitness, outside of those 4 days, should be considered a bonus and should be something you really want to do and find a lot of joy in!

3. Stay Consistent | This will bring balance to your fitness routine and to your life. Once you find that workout you can’t get enough of, check your schedule and theirs and begin to create your weekly workouts as if they’re any other important appointment you have on your calendar. Don’t miss, stay consis(tent) – ha! This will not only allow you to see improvements in your body faster, but it will boost your self-confidence.

Remember, self-confidence is created by keeping the promises you make to yourself. Everyone walks a little taller when they’ve got that self-confidence shining from within. You know?!

4. Do Both Cardio and Strength Training Workouts | This. Is. Key. Strength training is probably more important than cardio, in my opinion, but cardio feels good, gives you a great sweat session and is so good for your heart – the most important muscle in our body, after all. Strength training is incredible because it’s gentler on your joints and builds you a strong body that keeps you healthy and injury free. If you’re doing a 4 day breakdown, train cardio twice a week and strength twice a week, or better yet, find a combination (hello MDF specialty Cardio-Sculpt!) of the two in one workout.

Remember: I offer a free week of semi-private group training and group classes to all first timers.

But Warning: Most will never leave after week one ????

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