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Semi-Private Training

By February 10, 2020Uncategorized

How it Works


Why it Works

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve changed my training style and business model from 1:1 and 2:1 to strictly Semi-Private training at 4:1 and let me tell you, it’s not only changed my clients lives, but mine, too.

I get so many inquires regarding training – how it works and why it works? I’ll break down some of the most common questions I get below. Check it.

 How exactly do I manage up to four clients in one session?

I have a method to my madness in training. It is very thought out, very precise and very intentional. My clients may not see it, but I ensure I am doing a handful of things each session in order to make sure each client is getting a

  1. Usually, I have two people working on the same circuit and another two working on a different circuit. Then, once they finish (at their own pace) they get their weight assignment from me and get after the next part of their workout.
  2. The group will warm up on their own on a piece of equipment for 5:00, then we all warm up our core together and get their heart rates up with a burst of cardio before spreading out and getting into their lift.
  3. After everyone wraps up their 30 minute lift, we come together and end with another burst of cardio before stretching and leaving!

How does each client get an individualized program and attention?

I write my client’s programs with 12 months in mind and then chunk it down and write their programs monthly. Every four weeks, I begin writing the new month’s program and take each client, one at a time, and begin setting their weights and exercises based off of the previous month’s session. There are a few other ways I ensure they’re getting a custom and personalized experience each time they step foot into a session with me.

  1. I know all of my client’s injuries / weaknesses and their strengths, so I’m making sure that their program is not harming them in anyway and is strengthening their weak spots as well as highlighting areas they want enhance.
  2. Listening when my clients say things during their workouts and taking note. “Oh, my hips feel SO tight during this exercise.” I note it and focus on stretching and strengthening their hips the next session and incorporating that into the next month of training.
  3. I’m always giving modifications throughout and paying such close intention to their form and how they’re feeling in each exercise. I will ask one client, who I notice is breezing through their workout, to give me another set or go grab heavier weights while noticing another client who is struggling to keep up, to tone it down and take a breather after this set.

How do you ensure everyone is seeing results?

Results are the driving force behind every single workout I write, every single session I lead, and every single month check-in. Here’s how I ensure the program my client’s are working month after month is right for them and moving the needle closer to their goals.

  1. Measurements. Body fat, circumference and weight.
  2. Tracking the weights they’re using from the start of the month to end of the month. I’ll inform them of how much more weight they’re able to do lift in four simple weeks. It’s fun to say “Hey! You started your shoulder press at 20 pound weights and ended doing them at 30 pound weights.” Their pride is so apparent. I love it!
  3. Photos! They’re worth 1,000 words and more than any measurement can ever give us.

It’s not “Personal Training” so are they getting the same attention and experience as 1:1.

Ah, my favorite question! This is my bread and butter right here, folks. I am SO intentional about making each client feel special, seen and heard every time they step foot into a session. I truly don’t see the sessions as 4:1, I see it as training 4 individual clients at one time. There are some things I’m doing each session to make it their workout an amazing experience.

  1. I ensure I keep things professional, but personal, too. I’m always asking my clients how their weekend was, I remember what was on the docket for the weekend and check-in. It goes a long way. They invest in me and I invest in them 100%.
  2. I demonstrate the moves physically, I talk them through and then I’m eagle eyes while they’re performing the moves. I’m always making sure I give a physical touch point in most every move they’re doing, too. I’m putting my hand out to show how low they should go for their squat, I’m placing my hand on their back to show them where to feel the tension in a deadlift – things like that.
  3. I always offer a water and / or towel to each client throughout their session.
  4. I’ll ask what music they want to hear that day.
  5. I will give different moves to different people based on what THEY need. If one person wants to focus on their glutes, they do an extra or heavier set of deadlifts. If another wants to focus on their arms, they’re hitting their biceps while everyone else is moving onto something else.

All in all, my clients think it’s SUCH a treat when they are the only one in their session for the day, but they really truly love working out with their crew. It motivates them, it keeps the energy high, it keeps the down time small, this style of training is truly a results driven style and allows me to train more people in a day and them to get an affordable and fun workout in weekly.

Don’t forget! I offer a free week of semi-private group training and group classes to all first timers, this could be your ticket to the change you’re looking for.

But Warning: Most will never leave after week one ????

Let’s connect if you’re ready for your free week of training,


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