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New Baby Must Haves + 6 Month Pregnancy Update

By December 2, 2019Uncategorized

My Favorite Baby Must Haves + Products

Car Seat + Nursing Cover // City Jogger Select Double Stroller // Chicco Infant Car Seat // Burley Bike Trailer // Owl Noise Machine // Merlin Magic Sleep Suit  // DockATot // Crib Sheet // Mamaroo // Love to Dream Sleep Swaddle // Pacifier // Baby Blanket // Bibs // Pouch Holder// Bottles// Thermometer // Nose Frida // Honest Baby Soap // Munch Mit // Wink Teething Gel

These are all of either my favorite baby products from the past I’ve used with Sully and Collins or ones that friends have recommended as new must have products for babies. This is just a short list of all the things a little baby needs and I’ll probably do another round up of just the cute clothes and accessories the baby has to have upon arrival in March!

6 Month Bumpdate – How I’m really doing with Baby D #3

So, by now you get it and know my pregnancies aren’t the smoothest ride in the world. This one is just the same, if not rockier than the last two. Even with the hardest days, there isn’t one that passes where I don’t stop and thank God for this baby and acknowledge how incredibly blessed I am to carry my babies. My heart is always with those women who long to be pregnant right along side me, especially my best friend Shawnda.

How am I feeling // I have been experiencing nausea each night again. It finally got better around 18 weeks and now I’m noticing it’s creeping back in. I take unisom to help that subside during the day and to get a good night’s sleep which has been working.

I also have these bizarre fainting / dizzy / sweaty / sick episodes that hit me every week or two in the second trimester. I can feel the sensation that it’s coming on – heavy limbs, out of breath, racing heart, dizziness – for days prior to the episode happening, so I know it’s going to hit soon. When the episodes strike, I get very sick for anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. Once the sickness passes, boom, I’m back and feeling normal minus the exhaustion the episode leaves me with. I have more “pregnant” days than I do “good” days lately. It’s been hard with a job that I’m in charge of being the motivator at, up early to and on my feet moving all day and with taking care of the boys, but I’m doing my best and trucking along! Ps. Yes, my doctor is very much in on this and has been through all of my pregnancies. I’ve been referred to other doctors and we have no answers as to what and why this happens to me. If you do, send them my way! 

Exercise and weight gain // I’ve mentioned that I have lowered my standards of workouts for this pregnancy in order to give me peace and mind. I have committed to working out twice a week and anything else is a total bonus. I have been able to stick to it and my workouts have actually been going great. I’m working hard, lifting similar weights to what I have done in the past and feel good and strong in my growing body. I have found that going to a class, paying for it and having someone else tell me what to do is what I need as motivation right now – shocker! Exactly why my clients come to me and need me! I’m no different!

At my last doctors appointment I was up 15 pounds. It seems like I gain a steady 5 pounds each month I’m in which would put me at a 40 pound weight gain total over all, if I stay on this trend. No promises there as I gained 50+ with both boys. It’s kind of funny though, I’m way different about the weight gain this time around. It doesn’t bother me, I’ve come to expect it, I’m feeling good in my body because I’m exercising and I know how to take the weight off when I’m ready. I’ve also noticed that although my weight started at different spots with each pregnancy (Sully I was 134, Collins I was 129 and this baby I was 136) my weight has been within a pound at each appointment (I track the details of every appointment and always have, so it’s fun to look back and compare!). That tells me my body just does what it has to do to grow the baby and I kind of love that consistency about me.

Cravings + Food // Lately, I’ve been loving cereal – So.Much.Cereal. (similar to the boys), Smoothies – give me all the tartness in the world please (similar to the boys), Greek Yogurt with honey, Dr. Pepper (same as the boys), Chipotle – No shocker there, savory sweets like chocolate ice cream or candies – not common for me, but not mad about it!

Boy or Girl Vibes //  Right away, because I was SO sick, I thought for SURE a girl. But at the 20 week ultrasound, both George and I, totally felt boy. The heartbeat was exactly the same, it’s profile looked exactly like the boys, it had huge feet like the boys, and we both left saying “it’s another boy!” I’d be so excited for a 3rd boy. Like, I could cry thinking of another son. In the last few weeks, I do feel like I’m carrying differently than the boys. Though my stomach is a low rider, as always, it seems to be popping out more instead of getting wider. I’ve also not been able to stop thinking about girl names, so maybe it’s my sub-cautious telling me something!?

How is it Different // Well, other than the fact that I’m feeling worse this time, I sometimes seem to have more energy than I did with the boys at the same time, if that makes sense. Maybe it’s because we have so much going on I don’t have a choice but to keep moving, but this pregnancy is FLYING by. Like, woah. I am having a baby in 3 months or so I better start thinking about that a little more. I describe it as I know I’m pregnant, but I need to realize I’m having another BABY in 3 months. Once we get through the move (I tell you, that’s one way to make a pregnancy fly by…sell your house and move!), I will begin nesting, preparing for baby and slowing my roll at work.

Skin / Hair / Lips //  My skin is finally under control for the most part – YAY! Second trimester has been good to me there plus, I started a new BeautyCounter Routine that is leaving me feeling glowy and good about my skin, finally. I still have random breakouts, but overall, way better. My skin on the rest of my body is dry with patches of weird happening. My doctor said skin changes and gets super sensative as it stretches. I don’t have new stretch marks yet, but usually do get them on my hips / sides of my stomach later on.

My hair is luscious and full. I love that part about pregnancy…until it falls out post baby! But I use an all natural line of hair products, Monat, that my sister is a rep for and it helped me SO much with my postpartum hair loss with Collins.

Lips. I always get asked if I get my lips done when I’m pregnant! I don’t, obviously, but they do fill out big time with baby and it’s no different now!

How’s Work // For the most part, great! I’m feeling good on my good days and my energy is still there for my early 4am wake up calls and 6pm classes. It helps to have incredible clients who are so supportive and encouraging to me in my pregnancy. I’ve got the best ones in town, hands down. I am beginning to prepare for my maternity leave though! It’s tough when you own your own business to step away and put it in the hands of someone else. I know each client will be taken care of and I will be creating their programs for while I’m gone, but it’s still not easy!

I am planning to step away from my business with a month left in my pregnancy. So, Mid-February, I’ll be phasing myself out. I want to give Brian, my trainer, and my clients a chance to get comfortable without me there yet I’m still available when and if I’m needed. I see this as a smoother transition than a hard stop when I’m in labor. In the past, I’ve had to be put on bed rest around 36 weeks or so due to high blood pressure, so I’d rather be prepared for that than rushing to figure it out during that time.

 What I’m Wearing and Loving // 

These Leggings in a Medium – I’ll get a size large for 3rd trimester and I have to get the dark or patterned colors. I tried some lighter ones and gave them to my sister. They showed all my lumps and bumps and I didn’t feel comfortable. All of my pregnant friends are loving them, too. They’re soft and thin and go around the belly easily and comfortably but they’re not see through at all – thank GOD. Could you imagine? My worst nightmare as I’m teaching and training clients day in and out!

I ordered another pair of these leggings – 50% off until today and have two of their tank tops. Great brand for pregnancy and postpartum.

I’ve been liking these jeans from Target – Cute and comfortable and on sale for $20! I prefer over the belly pants over under.

For tops I’ve been using what I have so far or sizing up to a large. I’ve also caught myself wearing some of George’s t-shirts just to be beyond comfortable and to let it all hang out. I’ve gone to Goodwill and checked out their mens section for graphic tees, cut them to crop and they’re super comfy and flattering. I need to go get more, because I now need to cut it down lower otherwise my belly pops out of the ones I had early on!

I’ve been wearing, loving, and living in this Jacket. I can’t tell you the amount of compliments I get on it daily. I have referred to pregnant friends to it, too and they bought it and love it as well. It’s NOT maternity, it’s just, the perfect jacket!

I’m going to be ordering some nursing bras, a new diaper bag, and a new pump soon, so if you have favorites, send them my way please!

Thanks for stopping by now go shop!


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