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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been all about the sales this past week and in the shopping mood. Send. Help. The ways I get around the consumer guilt are:

1. Find dupes, save money – I’ve got you.

2. Sell or donate something similar that you don’t wear anymore – Facebook Market Place or local consignment shops are my go to. Plus, Goodwill, always Goodwill.

3. Make sure it’s something you really want – sit on it for a day, two or three and if you keep coming back and thinking about it, pull the trigger!

My latest dupes are some of my favorite finds. I love when you guys send me stuff to find dupes on. You’re speaking my language and it is  such a nice break from all things fitness for me, so keep them coming!

Sorel vs. Walmart // One of these boots will run you $199, the other $34.99

Bergdorf Goodman vs. Amazon // One outfit is coming in at a total of $248 – $120 for the shirt alone another $128 for the pants! The other entire outfit I found you for a whopping $200 less on Amazon! The white Pullover for $17.99 and the 90 degree by Reflex leggings for $24.99 

 Lululemon vs. Amazon // A cozy gray sweater to throw on is perfect for running in and out of the gym, or pairing it with a pair of jeans to get more than one use of out it in your closet. Only difference between these two is you can save yourself $100 by buying from Amazon for $22.00 over Lulu for $128.00.

Universal Threads vs. Lululemon // I’m so into the bomber puffer jackets right now. I can’t wait until next year when I don’t have a belly to work around. The color of these jackets are so perfect, too. I just love them. The Lululemon jacket is a mere $248 and the Universal Threads jacket from Target is a cool $35.99.

Lululemon vs. Amazon // Another amazing pullover. This one has a little more room (baby bump approved!) and a cute bell sleeve detail that I’m loving. The Amazon sweater will cost you $59.00 as opposed to the Lulu sweater that comes in at $128.

There you go! More money in your pocket to invest Classes? Gym membership?

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