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How To Structure Your 2020 Goals

By January 6, 2020Uncategorized

Structuring your goals. Let’s break it down.

Goals, resolutions, words of the year, intentions – it’s all the rage this time of the year, isn’t it? As we head into 2020, a brand new decade, I feel like this is all even more present than ever. I know for some the idea of the #newyear #newyou can be cliche and feel overwhelming, but for others, this time of the year can feel super fresh and motivating. I’m a little bit of each, honestly. I do love the idea of a new start and for me, setting intentions or choosing a word to focus on feels way more do-able than goals and resolutions. The categories I choose to focus on for the year are: Personal word of the year, Family financial goals, my business / career goals, and fitness / workout intentions.

Here is how I structure my intentions and stay on them throughout the year – not just the first three months out of it…ring a bell!?


Financial Goals. With my husband being an accountant, budget is certainly one of his favorite words. So, here we are, one week into the year and we are now set with our financial goals for our family and for our businesses (Molly Doyle Fitness, G. Doyle Accounting and Cold Front Ice Cream Shop). These are the only resolutions / goals we keep for ourselves as we head into the New Year. This year, we are trying a new method and have been (1 week in!) loving it. I’m a visual person, so the Budget Mom method and workbook is right up my alley.

Back in the day, when we first got married, we used all cash system of spending and it got us so far in life and out of debt. It was the best way for us to focus on where our money was going, SO we are back at it this year and going to see how far it can take us this time. We were ready for a change and I stumbled across The Budget Mom’s workbook and method on a Podcast. George and I have teamed up with our good friends, who are also both entrepreneurs in their fields, to keep each other accountable by doing monthly check-ins together and supporting each other when we find ourselves struggling and want to veer off the plan. Like my training style, it’s better together.

Set an Intention or Word to Focus On. This year, it’s “calm.” To remain calm in the stress of life, not get worked up over the little things, to let go and let God, and to remember that in the high intensity moments, “this too shall pass.”

As I prepare to welcome our 3rd baby (during the worst time in the year for our family, tax season!), to step away from my business in order to give myself a proper maternity leave, and the newness that a newborn will bring I can just feel the anxiety building with each passing week and can imagine my moments of feeling overwhelmed. So “Calm” needs to be my jam and said over and over again in 2020.

Remember My Priorities and Know That They Can Change Over Time, nothing is permanent.

Look at ways to blend my personal word of the year, our financial goals, my fitness goals and business goals together. How am I spending my time? What can help me reach my business goals on a daily basis? What can I do at home with the kids to help me achieve my fitness goals for the year? What am I doing during my free time to stay calm?

Checking in with myself every month is the huge key to not only getting success in goals, but maintaining them. We do family budget recap at the end of the month, we now will do it with our friends, too, I will check and see if my business is meeting it’s goals and then once I’m back at a regular fitness routine, I will do measurements and check-ins monthly, too. Just like I do with my clients.

Fitness Goals.

Planning your fitness goals for the year can and will look different for everyone, but here are some great ways to start forming a goal or two and structuring a successful outcome.

Write it down. Get it out in the universe, tell a friend, hire a trainer, join a gym and invest. This will make it real and keep you accountable to your goal.

Make a long term goal (one year out) and then chunk it down to 4 small goals throughout the year. If your goal is to lose 30 pounds in one year, I would say, “OK, great! Let’s start with 10 pounds down every 3 months and then maintain that 30 pounds lost for 3 months to ensure you’re in the maintenance phase.” This will be sure what you’re doing is working and isn’t a quick fix. It will ensure you’ve chosen the fitness and nutrition regiment that works for you, your body, your lifestyle and one you can maintain. It’s how I structure my training – one year at time. That’s why I always encourage the Loyalty Membership over anything else. It should be a lifestyle you want to lead. A year can really give us time to make the goals at hand (and beyond!) happen.

Complete monthly or quarterly check-ins. I wrote all of the ways you can measure success in the gym here and of course, these are variable based on your goals.

Change it up! If it’s not working for you, you’re dreading doing the things you’ve been doing to achieve your fitness goals, try something new. Again, nothing is permanent. Find the support and regimen you need to make it exciting and long lasting.

Business Goals.

I plan my business goals by taking out a calendar for the year and begin mapping it out month-by-month.

Plan everything out. I have my programs I’m going to launch in 2020 all ready to go. I include as much detail in each as possible. I put when I need to start marketing, how I’m going to market, my budget for each program and my client goals for each program. Organization is key to success here.

Set career goals based off of last year’s accomplishments and downfalls. See where you fell short and wished you would’ve done better, take a look at what you did great and see if you can do it again, but even better and start creating goals from there.

Shoot for the stars. Set those goals and make those goals big. Because, why not? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do in your career, but just haven’t or haven’t had the confidence to do it? Now’s the time. See what can happen!

Good luck to you in 2020. I hope to see you in the gym with me sometime, soon!

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