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How I Became A Personal Trainer

By September 13, 2019Uncategorized

June marks 10 years in the fitness industry for me. I’m so thankful for this career, for the girl in the photo, for trusting the process and the universe along the way. I never dreamt of being a personal trainer. In fact, I was dreading the required internship in a fitness center that I needed to graduate with my degree in Exercise Science. My dream, for as long as I can remember, was to be a pediatric physical therapist. Exercise science was simply an avenue to get to where I wanted to go, not the final destination. I stumbled across a corporate fitness center internship in Minneapolis. Not happy I had to do the internship, but very happy to be in the cities with my new boyfriend, George, for the summer (????)I went for it.

Day 1, I met my new boss, Meredith. The picture above is us celebrating a decade of our friendship, love of fitness and Prince. Under her wing, I quickly found my confidence in the gym training clients and teaching classes. She believed in me and she was / is the best trainer and instructor I’d ever met. Most importantly, she showed me that a job in a gym could turn into a fulfilling and incredibly rewarding career. I owe it all to her for really paving the way for me in this industry. I went back to school knowing that grad wasn’t right for me. I still applied and got on waiting lists at grad schools for 2 years. I never did get off of those waiting lists, but it’s OK, because I found my way back to Meredith and the Wells Fargo Fitness Center that started it all.
I worked there for 4 years. Eventually getting promoted to manager, once Meredith moved on, and before leaving to start my own business. To this day, I train clients that I met at that gym. It was an incredible job + experience that’s made me the trainer I am today.
Some say that it takes 6-10 years to become great at something and to become a master of your skill. All that tells me is that the best is yet to come for my clients.

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