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Recent Amazon Buys

By February 13, 2020Uncategorized

We all know how much I love Amazon, and let’s be real, who doesn’t?! Here are some of the items I’ve purchased recently and have been reaching for often.

Tote Organizer // I am going a different route with my diaper bag this time around and using one of the many big totes / bags I already have over a traditional diaper bag. With three kids, I need space and a back pack isn’t going to cut it. I got this organizer in a small and while it’s small (I would’ve needed a large to fit my big bag), it does allow for organization in half the bag and room for other things in the other half, so it works.

Caudalie Hand Cream  // This winter pregnancy has done some major damage to my skin. My hands and feet are so dry and itchy that my doctor told me to get this she swears by it and now I do, too.

Kenneth Cole Sneaker  // I haven’t worn these yet, I’ll wait until spring, but I’m into the white sneaker look a lot. I got the sneaker inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers Cella Jane (I posted her dupe outfit here last week). I’d size up in these.

Ring Doorbell  // For Christmas, I gifted George all things “Smart House” for our new house. He’s a tech geek and loves the latest and greatest. While this isn’t new, per se, it’s new to us and we’ve been loving it. I also added two more Alexa speakers so we can play music throughout our house and smart outlets that can control the lights with Alexa.

Glass Water Bottle // The water bottles I use if I’m not using a plastic straw one. I give these away to new clients and / or program participants and they love them too! They come with a black cooler, too.

Gliders and Bands // You can get a quick workout in at home during the Bachelor with these two pieces of equipment.

Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay 1 lb // Kourtney Kardashian Swears by this clay, I swear by this clay.

Washcloth // We simply needed an upgrade on all washcloths in our bathrooms and George got these ones. I love them. They’re so soft. I have a pile of them in the boy’s bathroom and a pile in mine that I switch out weekly for drying my face after washing.

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set // Another George Purchase for the win. These sheets fit our Sleep Number bed perfectly and are so soft. He ordered the purple which are TOO purple for me, but I’ll let it slide because of the comfort level 🙂

Facial Razors  // If you’re not shaving your face weekly, what are you doing!? Get the peach fuzz off, exfoliate and brighten your skin ASAP.

Comotomo Bottles // After two baby used our last bottles, it was time to toss them and upgrade. Can’t wait to use these silicon bottles for Baby D #3.

BIBS Pacifier // Our kids never used the pacifier after a few months, but they sure are lifesavers for those first few months, so I stocked up on these.


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